Redhair sexy english Woman. All done with english pencils, colors and paper, so the description must be also in english.

Red hair sexy woman with hidden secrets, a red erotic nightdress and a black beautiful body.


This is one of my ‚M. Muehlstein‘ new drawings in the year 2008 and I think with the time my drawings and paintings would be better. First I draw with a normal pencil the contours of the head, nose, eyes, mouth and lips. At the next I tried to draw the arms, the body and hands. The Hands were a very difficult drawing. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work so that I thought. I think I correct the hands ‚fingers‘ three times until it was hunky-dory. In my personal opinion I think the woman is more erotic, when she is not naked and the secret places of a woman or a man are hidden with sexy slips or anything else. The black underwear is a complete body from slip to brassiere. The red nightdress was very simple to draw, only the brassiere were a little bit complicated. In this painting I don’t used so many crayons. With different pressure on the pencils I created the shadows and the color differences. The red hair sexy Woman is a done from a saw of three different women into a television magazine and for some details I gave my fantasy full scope.


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